As a leading company headquartered in the UK, SAAL International Ltd. is destined for greatness.  With a dedicated devotion to bringing great ideas into the world, and putting its love into its products and all people in its midst, we aim to bring positivity to all aspects of life.

SAAL International has a great reputation of being a cooperative and positive partner with its suppliers and buyers. We represent many industry-leading producers and buyers around the world, and uphold a high standard of ethics in terms of the way we do business.

Our main business is in the creation, manufacture & distribution of consumer products and also have a trading department which deals in various commodities, though predominantly textile raw materials.

We are very proud to announce that we are winners of Gift of the Year 2011 in our consumer product range PowerPack.  It is rare, but every single product we have has been given recognition by the Gift of the Year judges!

Our current consumer products are as follows:

Nominated Gift of the Year 2010 in 3 categories!

Highly Commended Gift of the Year 2011!

WINNER of Gift of the Year 2011!!!

ominated Gift of the Year 2011 in 2 categories!